Healthy and quality food

There is a valid reason why there are so many centenarians in several towns of southern Italy. Research support the theory that the famous Mediterranean diet can help one to live a longer and healthier life. It is certain that seafood is one of the most important elements of the Mediterranean diet with its flesh that is low in fats, rich in proteins, minerals, and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Practically all our catches preserve all these qualities with just plain ice, and without the use of any preservatives that could compromise the integrity of these valuable qualities. Our fishing boats and factory will always respect the wishes of our clients, thanks to our hard honest work and strict regulations, namely, those that will supply and guarantee you perfect, healthy and ready to use seafood products. Products that are the expression of maximum quality.

This is why several of the most prestigious restaurants are following our ambitious and worthwhile project of short chain deliveries that initiate directly from our fishing boats. Our clients are receiving positive feedback every single day from their dining customers on the quality of our tasty Mediterranean seafood and they continue to grow on a day by day basis.


Thunnus albacares

Yellowfin Tuna

Because of the numerous restrictions and difficulties in tuna fishing in the Mediterranean, our boats go in search of this prized tuna species off the Moroccan coasts. They are deep frozen on board and then sliced into ready to use fillets. Our tuna catches are not treated with any preservatives. They simply remain frozen from the moment the catches are hauled in and sliced until they are delivered to your door. The Albacore tuna has a lighter pinkish flesh than the Bluefin but is absolutely delicious when served cooked or even raw such as tartare or sashimi.



Little Tunny of Lampedusa Island

The Little Tunny is present in all the Mediterranean Sea, but the best quality comes from Sicily and Lampedusa Island. It loves warm waters and It is catched by means of drifting longlines, purse seines and gill nets. Its flesh is very similar to that of the most famous Bluefin Tuna and the organoleptic qualities are the same. The freshness in the slice you can see from the live red of the flesh. The Little Tuna is present in many traditional Sicilian recipes like “baked Little Tunny with tomato and capers”, “Little Tunny ragù Palermo style” or “Little Tunny with traditional eggplant caponata”.


Thunnus alALUNGA


The Albacore Tuna can be considered the closest relative of the Bluefin Tuna. In Italy his favorite habitats are the warm waters of Sicily, whose coastline is approaching, in summer and autumn, for the reproduction. The Albacore Tuna is a very valuable fish; its flesh is tasty and delicate, rich in minerals and in polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3. In cooking it is a very versatile fish that lends itself to many preparations: raw, marinated, stewed or baked.


Thunnus thynnus

Tuna bluefin of Mediterranean sea

The Bluefin tuna is considered the most migratory of all fish. Every summer they inhabit the Mediterranean sea for the spawning season. The flesh of the Bluefin tuna species is regarded as being incredibly delicious, particularly among sashimi and raw fish eaters. Due to its risk of extinction, we respect the fishing quota allowed for this extraordinary and delicious fish and allowing the species the opportunity to reproduce. We offer the tuna in fillet, pulp, or steak packages.


Xiphias gladius

Swordfish of Mediterranean sea

The swordfish is an excellent swimmer, probably the fastest of all fish. The swordfish flesh is a pinkish-white, with a characteristic fine flavor. It is great barbecued, grilled, pan-fried or braised. Swordfish with tomato, olives, and capers is considered a prized and succulent dish, typical of the Sicilian tradition. If it is marinated before being cooked, the flavors become more intense. It is also excellent when served as “carpaccio”.


Seriola dumerili

Amberjack of Mediterranean sea

The Mediterranean Amberjack is a pelagic fish, the most prized among the blue fish, and belongs to the family of “Jacks”. It has excellent flesh that is tasty, compact, pinkish, and with few bones. It is a highly prized fish with delicious flesh that is similar to tuna. It should not be confused with the Pompano. Its flesh is much more valuable and tastier. It is excellent prepared raw, baked or grilled. It is widely used for sushi and sahimi.


Epinephelus guaza

Grouper of Mediterranean sea

The groupers of the Mediterranean sea can weigh between 3.3 to 66 pounds. They have a firm and excellent flesh. It is the best fish when prepared stewed or in a pasta sauce. The smaller groupers are boiled whole and accompanied with mayonnaise, or baked or roasted. The slices are suitable grilled, roasted, baked or fried.


Lepidopus caudatus

SNAPPER of THE Mediterranean sea

The Red Snapper is a predator fish of great value and quite sought after by international connoisseurs. It can reach 26 pounds in weight and lives off the coastal waters in depths up to 660 feet. Its lean flesh is very nutritious, easily digestible, and has a delicate taste that is appreciated by consumers. It is very suitable for cooking in ovens.


Mullus barbatus

Mullet of Mediterranean sea

The mullet of the Mediterranean sea is one of the finest fish available. It is truly appreciated for its organoleptic properties and natural aroma and taste. It has a delicate flesh that easily flakes, so it must be cooked carefully. It is excellent stewed with tomatoes, roasted, grilled or baked. If they are small, floured and fried. It is also excellent in fish soups.


Scorpaena scorpa

Red scorpion of Mediterranean sea

The Red Scorpion is a fish of excellent quality with delicious and firm flesh. The average size is perfect simply boiled and served with mayonnaise or stewed with tomatoes. The smaller size is mainly used for fish soups which give it a unique flavor. There are various species of scorpion fish but the Mediterranean red scorpion is undoubtedly the tastiest and most appreciated.


Lepidopus caudatus

Scabbardfish of Mediterranean sea

The Scabbardfish is a very healthy and lean blue fish, rich in proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids. The flesh is truly tasty and delicate, so much so that in the city of Messina (Sicily) it has been nicknamed “signurina du mari” (maiden of the sea). The flesh is firm and the color white with pink shades. It has several thorns that can be easily removed. It has a delicate and very neutral flavor, perfect breaded and fried.