Crustaceans form a very large group of arthropods which includes such familiar animals as shrimps, prawns, crabs and lobsters and are very appreciated by the international connoisseur. They contribute considerably to the best cuisines all over the world.

Any respectable chef has a treasure trove of secret recipes for these fantastic sea fruits, which glorify their distinctive natural flavors of the sea. In fact, it is no wonder that this special class of seafood is always present in our most special events.

All our crustaceans are deep frozen on board within a few hours after the catches are hauled in, without any invasive treatments of conservation. This is why we can proudly declare that our crustaceans are healthy and ready to be eaten raw without any treatments.




This crustacean of great value can be found offshore in the deep crystal clear waters of Sicily: “red shrimp” of Mazara del Vallo. Its name comes from the typical coral red color that distinguishes it from other species. Pulpy and compact, it has an exquisite taste and an unforgettable fragrance. Steamed, blanched, marinated, raw in sushi or tartare, or in your favorite pasta sauce, you will always be surprised by its unique Mediterranean taste.


Aristeus antennatus

Purple Shrimp of Lampedusa Island

It is a typical species from the Mediterranean Sea and lives on a seabed at a depth between 1,000 and 4,000 feet. If you love raw shrimp then you have to absolutely try the purple shrimp of Lampedusa Island! With its white and firm flesh, it is absolutely perfect for being consumed raw. A light and simple seasoning of extra virgin olive oil and grated lemon zest are all you will need. What else?!


Parapenaeus longirostris

Pink Shrimp of Mediterranean Sea

It is considered a delicacy by the best chefs in the world. This shrimp has a unique and inimitable flavor, so much that it has earned the title of being the most fragrant and tasty crustacean. Suitable for fried dishes, it is also perfect for appetizers, first courses with spaghetti, linguine with tomato sauce or risotto, and grilled main courses.



White Shrimp of Mediterranean Sea

The white shrimp is a very common crustacean of the Mediterranean Sea and also one of the best for its organoleptic qualities: excellent flesh and a delicate flavor.
The abundance of its presence makes it less expensive than other species but certainly not less valuable. It can be eaten boiled, fried and even whole (head and shell) when caught in smaller sizes.


Penaeus kerathurus

Caramote Shrimp of Mediterranean Sea

Autochthonous species of the Mediterranean Sea, also known as the “imperial shrimp”. It is a high-quality product, with delicate flesh and pleasant and fine aroma. It has many uses in the kitchen: it can be boiled, broiled or stewed. If fried the shell should be eliminated.


Squilla mantis


The mantis shrimp, characteristic for the two distinctive marks on the tail that resemble eyes, thrive on sandy bottoms and are considered very popular shellfish in the Mediterranean sea. Their flesh is very tasty and appreciated. They are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine for the preparation of appetizers, sauces, and soups.


Nephrops norvegicus

Norway lobster of Mediterranean sea

The king of seafood from the king of the seas. Norway lobsters from the Mediterranean Sea offer the tastiest and most delicate flesh. Our Sicilian Norway lobsters are distinguished by their light red color, natural taste, and thin shell. It is why it has become one of the most appreciated delicacies among popular Mediterranean seafood.


Palinurus elephas

Red Lobster of Sicily

This lobster of the Mediterranean sea is considered the most prestigious crustacean of the world. Its species (palinurus elephas) is very different from the common American lobster from Maine (homarus americanus). Its flesh is sweet and tasty with good and tender texture. The product is not always available because of its rarity and restricted fishing.


Paracentrotus lividus

Mediterranean sea urchin eggs

The sea urchin is a much sought after species for the delicacy of its extremely tasty eggs. Originating from the crystal clear waters of Sicily in the Mediterranean sea, immediately after they are caught they are processed on board and frozen in sterilized glass jars. The sea urchin eggs are ideal for preparing delicious first course dishes like spaghetti with sea urchins and mullet roe.