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Who We Are

Filippi & Sea came to creation thanks to a long friendship between two connoisseurs of traditional Italian food, Mr. Filippi and Mr. Sea, who from opposite ends of an ocean have constantly shared their pure passion for Italy, its delicious seafood and amazing seas.

This is what we love to do.



Every day we visit, meet, get acquainted and discover new suppliers and sources of true Italian tradition, people who have placed pure passion into their hard work, that same passion that comes from their family history and traditions. It’s the most unique and valuable ingredient in Italian food products.


We take the responsibility of guaranteeing our products that are simply not for everyone. We carefully choose the finest, thanks to our experience and knowledge of 30 years in the high-quality Italian food market. The selections we offer are the absolute excellence of each category.


We keep all of our suppliers under constant supervision. We only buy directly on board from trustworthy Mediterranean fishing boats. We prefer the short chain distribution method in order to avoid any possible risks that may occur when the catches are preserved such as temperature control when the fish and shellfish are hauled in up to the deliveries at the points of sale.


We love to see our customers satisfied and happy and we do so by including new and authentic ideas with their purchases. So, during the post-sale, we closely monitor and support our customers as if they were a part of our family. We strive to pass on to them our passion for Italy and its amazing tastes and flavors. Italian cooking is quite easy and simple. All they will need is some basic rules, passion, and emotion.

Not just food


Quality Assurance

All our suppliers, including the small artisans, are fully certified under the strict food quality regulations of the European Union. We are able to trace the origins and preservation conditions of all our orders at any given moment.

Service & Support

The sale of our frozen products is simply not enough satisfaction for us. We strongly desire that our customers can receive their much-appreciated orders within a reasonable amount of time and in the best condition.

Collaborate & Grow together

Being together and sharing emotions is what the Italian style is made of. We want to pass on to our customers the feelings of growing together professionally and being part of our projects for future growth.

Taste & Feelings

Everything we will do together will be for our customers’ care and best interest. Your dishes prepared with our seafood will transmit the tastes and aromas of the Mediterranean sea along with the feelings of Italy and its secular traditions.

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